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Our Team


"Hi everyone, my name is Sarah, and I am so thrilled to be joining the team here in the

Westport Art and Music School. I teach the piano, guitar and ukelele. I first started learning

the guitar when I was eight and continued to play ever since. After starting the guitar, I

learned the piano which has been an amazing experience and the ukelele which I love. I

really enjoy playing music, as it brings such joy and happiness into my life.

I graduated with a BA in Music and German and am current completing my level 9 master’s

degree in Post-Primary Education. I have also completed all my grades from the Royal Irish

academy of Music in Piano. Throughout my experience in education, I have gained great

knowledge and experience that I look forward in putting into practice. I also look forward in

meeting new students and admiring the progress they make as they aspire to be future musicians."

Sarah Burns; guitar, ukulele, piano, whistle


More About Us

The Westport Art & Music School was founded in 2019 by Musician/Artist Laurice Van Den Oosten, a school leaver who wanted to help others find they're calling in life through the arts. Laurice was not a very academic student and felt a huge absence of support for the creative, more hands on students who had no idea how the industry works or where to start. Leaving school, she had no idea what she wanted to do.

"A year of experimentation and finding myself and meeting people like me made me realise what I was good at and what I wanted to do". 

The opening of WAMS is solely aimed at providing courses, mentoring and most importantly, jobs to those in the same predicament. Covering 30+ services ages 4yrs-60yrs+ and that's saying something..

"Teaching is such a rewarding job, and I can easily say I now have the career I always dreamed of".

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